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Take my word-for-word sales scripts. Repeat these 38 simple scripts to start selling without being pushy or feeling like a sales stalker.  

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What These Women Are Saying
About Melinda:

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    Debora McLaughlin

    CEO, The Renegade Leader Coaching & Consulting Group

    "Melinda taught me her “insider secrets” to sell to big companies and set me apart from my competitors. Now, I get to work with big companies and no longer need to chase after small clients!"
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    Irene Moore

    Founder, Digital Marketing London

    “This is powerful. What you taught is simple, but extremely logical. From Heart of Sales, I don’t feel like I am selling, but building relationships with my prospective clients.”

  • Jaklyn Zuckerman

    CEO, JZ Social Enterprises

    "I have a PR agency and would love to work with a big client in fashion industry.
    After the first week in her Heart of Sales program, we identified some big clients to work with. Melinda coached me how to approach these clients with impact and without being salesy. Melinda helped me get in front of a big client in less than one week!"

Take my scripts and start repeating these simple sentences to:

  Pique the interests of busy clients and keep them enaged. 
  Build trust with your prospects and become the trusted advisor.
  Discover your prospects' pains with simple and powerful questions.
  Transition to sales talk natrually and easily.
  •  Ask for a sales meeting without sounding pushy or desperate. 

About Melinda Chen

Hi there! 

I'm Melinda. 

I am the Director of Sales for a consumer goods manufacturing firm, where I closed $35 million in sales. 

I have been selling to big companies over the past 16 years. Every single day, I talk to founders or executives around the world. 

Do you want to hear a secret? 

Selling to big companies is actually very easy.

I'm just an immigrant woman. (English is not even my first language!)

If I can sell to big companies, so can you. 

Today, I want to share with you my tried and true scripts. I hope you can use these simple words to create meaningful sales conversations with your prospective clients and close big sales. 


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